European U18 Championships 2017 – Sessions 1 and 2

The Under 18s got underway this morning in Nicosia.

Session 1 featured many of the players from Groups A to H, with 9 players (Jackson Page, Umut Dikme, Tyler Rees, Aleks Hubanov, Daniel Holoyda, Ben Mertens, Sybren Sokolowski, Jan Jelenić and Brian Ochoiski) not dropping a frame in their opening matches. Other strong performances came from Ross Bulman, Liam Graham, Dylan Emery and Dean Young, all winning 3-1.

The second session saw Groups J to R taking to the tables. Florian Nüßle, Mark Gleeson, Shea Moore, Jason O`Hagan, Amir Nardeia, David Davidkov all came through 3-0, with Mark Lloyd, Tudor Popescu, Jere Virtaranta and Patrik Tiihonen each letting a frame slip by.

Mark Lloyd ran in the highest break of the morning sessions, with a well taken 70 ahead of Daniel Holoyda’s 64.