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Europe is one of the largest snooker playing regions in the world, with more than 49 active member countries in the EBSA and the numbers are growing all the time.

The EBSA hosts two major tournaments annually : The European Snooker Championships with events for U18, U21, 6 Reds and Men/Mixed Championships usually held in March of each year and, the European Single Women & Seniors +  Teams (Women, Men & Seniors) Championships usually held in June of each year, displaying the best up and coming talent from across the continent.

In addition, EBSA with the support of its Coaching Committee organises during each of the two annual tournaments seminars for new Snooker coaches. Candidates must be nominated by their National Associations to attend the seminars. 

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EBSA Coaches

The European Billiards & Snooker Coaching Academy offers students and Coaches from across Europe the opportunity to receive professional training and coaching from EBSA Qualified Coaches or to train and become a EBSA Coach.

The goal for the EBSA Coaching Academy is to develop a team of EBSA Coaches in all the European Countries to grow the game all across Europe.

If you would like to become a EBSA Coach you must first contact your own national body and ask them to nominate you by writing to the EBSA to attend training to become an official EBSA. PJ will then contact you to arrange a date and venue for you to do the course in Ireland or in your own Country.

If you would like to become a EBSA coach please contact: pjcoach147@hotmail.com

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Welcome to the Referees section.

This section contains a variety of information and range of resources for anyone interested in refereeing and for current referees and referee examiners and tutors. You will also find a full downloadable version of the current and official rules of snooker and billiards.

EBSA Board have devolved organisation and administration of Referees matters and affairs to the EBSA Referees Subcommittee, who also have responsibility for maintaining the EBSA Referees Scheme (link to referees scheme) and maintenance of the official list of registered EBSA Referees.

The EBSA Referees Subcommittee membership is reviewed every three years to ensure that a broad range of members are represented.

At present the Referees Subcommittee... Read More