Wayne Brown – European 6-Reds Champion

Wayne Brown won the 2023 6-Reds European Championships beating compatriot Harvey Chandler 5:3 in the final in Albena (Bulgaria). This is the second medal of the Championships for Brown who on Friday got bronze in Seniors’ event.

The veteran frustrated his young opponent with stout safety play and short breaks to lead 3:1. In the fourth frame Chandler was up by 33 with only colors left on the table but got in-off after potting the green. Then he couldn’t escape from a snooker, hitting the black and Brown stole to move a frame from the title.

Chandler answered with a 44 break to win the sixth in less than eight minutes but a frame later vented his frustration after missing a straight red by knuckling the middle pocket and was reprimanded by the referee Hristo Ivanov for his actions. Nevertheless, he still won the frame with a 61 clearance.

In the eighth Chandler was on his way to level the score but lost position on the green and his ambitious attempt to cut it in the middle never threatened the pocket. Brown potted green, brown and blue and got an outrageous fluke on the pink potting it in the same pocket that Chandler knuckled to win the title.

Shachar Ruberg (Israel) and Nicolas Mortreux (France) won the bronze medals while Eden Sharav (Israel) and Artemijs Zizins (Latvia) share the prize for the highest break with 73.