European Events 2016

European Events 2016
The EBSA Board of Directors have circulated important information to member countries about the EBSA 2016 Men’s Championships and EBSA 2016 U21s/U18s Championships.  The Championships will take place at the 4 Stars ‘Haston City Hotel’ in Wroclaw (Poland)
The planned timetable for both championships is as follows:
  • Sunday 7th February: (6pm) U18’s & U21’s Players meeting + Referees meeting – followed by the opening ceremony.
  • Monday 8th February: start of the group matches of the U18’s & U21’s championship.  
  • Friday 12th February:  Semi -finals & final of the U18’s championship.  
  • Saturday 13th February:  Semi-finals & Final of the U21’s championship.
  • Saturday 13th February: (6pm) Players & Referees meeting + Opening ceremony of the Men’s event.
  • Sunday 14th February: start of the matches of the Men’s event.
  • Saturday 20th February: Final of the Men’s championship and closing ceremony.
EBSA will provide further Championship information, entry information, referee nominations, etc.,  in due course.