European U18 Last 42 to Last 32 Draw

Draw for the Last 42 then Last 32 of the 2018 European U18 Snooker Championships

Play to Start at 7.15pm (Best of 5 Frames)

Luian Boiko v Maxim Ene will Play (Seeded 1) Dylan Emery (L32)

Ben Mertens will play (Seeded 16) Conor Caniff (L32)

Medalin Gal v Mikhail Terekhov will play (Seeded 9) Oskar Charlesworth (L32)

Kirill Margolin v Eells Lappalainen will play (Seeded 8) Jackson Page (L32)

Nikita Kolpacenko v Viktor Lliev will play (Seeded 5) RonanWhyte (L32)

Sean McAllister will play (Seeded 12) Sean Maddocks (L32)

Lewis Sinclair will play (Seeded 13) Umut Dikme (L32)

Jan Laushman v Arturs Kengis will play (Seeded 4) Shea Moore (L32)

Nicolas Morteux v Nick Jansen will play (Seeded 3) Ross Bulman (L32)

Patrik Tiihonen will play (Seeded 14) Robbie McGuigan) (L32)

Antoni Kowalski will play (Seeded 11) Florian Nuble (L32)

Sybren Sokolowski v David Davidkov will play (Seeded 6) Aaron Hill (L32)

Isaac Borg v Mario Bodios  will play (Seeded 7) Ales Herout (L32)

Jullien Leclercq v Luis Vetter will play (Seeded 10) Hamim Hussain (L32)

Niel Vincent will play (Seeded 15) Dean Young (L32)

Jan Jelenic v Jere Virtaranta will play (Seeded 2) Jason Kendrick