Last 32 round matches underway

The best of 7 Frames Last 32 round of matches is underway at the 16 tables settled at St. Paul’s Bay Dolmen Hotel this Thursday night and it will end the day at Malta’s venue regarding the only one of 4 european champions to be crowned in Malta: precisely the successor of Estonian Andres Petrov as European Snooker Champion.

Engand’s Harvey Chandler won the crown in 2018 and aims for another crown

All day long 72 of the initial 177 competitors in the Men’s competition battled at the green cloth to go through to the next round and keep their hopes not only of being Number 1 in a continent with 54 countries and territories, but also to get the nomination from EBSA to World Snooker in order to be invited to play the tour as ‘pros’, another extra prize besides the crown, and surely most wanted, too.

Malta’s national champion Brian Cini faced 2005 European Champion, his fellow countryman Alex Borg

Among the main candidates appointed, surprise for Martin O’Donnell: Latvian Rodion Judin claimed victory by 4 Frames without reply facing one of England’s aces at the Men’s competition. Also 2022 bronze medallist Germany’s Umut Dikme ended his run, stopped by Scotland’s Ross Muir, who prevailed in their clash by 4 Frames to 2.

A lot to think about for Malta’s Phillip Ciantar

However, strong candidates asthe U18 champion in 2022, Welshman Liam Davies, Ireland’s Ross Bulman and England’s Ashley Carty and Harvey Chandler are still on the race, like the new U21 european champion, Scotland’s Liam Graham, or 3rd place in 2022, Austrian Florian Nüssle.

U18 champion in 2022, Liam Davies is one of Wales biggest hopes at the Men’s event

Eight of the 16 tables will be disassembled this night: Friday will start with the Best of 7 Frames Last 16 round of matches, and ‘quarters’ will also be played on March 17th: for Sunday, only the 2 semis – at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. – and the European Championships best of 9 Frames Grand Final, from 6 p.m.

Latvia’s Rodion Judin defeated England’s Martin O’Donnell by 4 Frames without reply this Thursday at Last 64 round

Several clashes took place in this day among payers of the same countries, like Shane Bateman facing his fellow countryman Brendan O’Donoghue, or Malta’s Alex Borg ‘vs’ Brian Cini: more and more expectation for the fans.

Israel’s Sachar Ruberg focused, like the new U18 european champion, Hungary’s Bulcsú Révész, behind