Lilley is in cruise control

Lilley is in cruise control

In the Masters event in Group H Costas Konnaris from Cyprus had a superb win over Ireland’s Mark Tuite 3 frames to 2 while in Group D Alan Trigg from Ukraine¬†played another good match with breaks of 43 and 65 in a 3 frames to 1 win over Michael Eheim from Germany.

In the Ladies event in Group B Irina Gorbataya from Russia recorded her fourth win in a row when she beat Stefanie Teschner from Germany 3 frames to 1.

In Group B in the Seniors former European Champion David Lilly from England hit breaks of 62 and 51 in a good win over Mario Brincat from Malta 4 frames to nil. In Group M another former Champion Alex Borg made breaks of 56 and 90 in a 4 frames to nil victory over Tom Zimmermann from Switzerland.

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