Masters Final all for Wales

Masters Final all for Wales

Masters Grand Final all for Wales

Has predicted, since they manage to qualify three teams for European Masters (over 40 years) Snooker Teams Championship, Wales has already won 2015 edition, since Team Wales 4 beat England by 4-1 in this Wedesday morning session, at the Dolmen Resort Hotel, in Malta.

Darren Morgan and Elfed Evans will face their fellow countrymen Peter Roscoe/Wayne Morgan (Team Wales 3) in the Masters European Snooker Team championships Grand Final, which will start at 14.30 hours, at St. Paul’s Bay, in Malta.

The Masters Grand Final of European Snooker Master’s Teams Championship will be played best of nine frames, with the following order: singles, singles, scotch doubles, singles, singles, scotch doubles, singles, singles and scotch doubles.

SEMIFINALS MATCHES (this Wednesday morning):

Wales4 (Darren Morgan/Elfed Evans)-England (Jamie Bodle/Graham Beardmore), 4-1

Wales3 (Peter Roscoe/Wayne Morgan)-Wales1 (Ian Sargeant/Neil Tomkins), 4-1


Wales3 (Peter Roscoe/Wayne Morgan)-Wales4 (Darren Morgan/Elfed Evans)