Nitschke hero in black ball drama

Magical moments were lived this Wednesday night at St. Paul’s Bay Dolmen Hotel with 5 Frames decision only with the black ball on the table for three players who ended up tied in Group E 2nd place: Poland’s Marcin Nitschke, France’s Dimitri Vivier and Ireland’s Mark Walsh all had 1 Frame positive after their four best of 5 Frames round-robin matches in Malta.

It’s in: Marcin won and celebrated in style

The venue was crowded for the drama, and it came after almost 2 hours of tension and expectation. On the first match between the 3, Dimitri Vivier came back from 0-2 to prevail 3-2 facing Marcin Nitschke.

Ireland’s Mark Walsh won the first of 5 blacks… but witnessed his opponent prevailing on the last four

On Game 2, Ireland’s Mark Walsh claimed victory by 3 Frames to 2 facing Dimitri Vivier… and the decision to know who would get through to the best of 7 Frames Last 72 round was delayed for the 3rd and final match, in which Mark Walsh had to face Marcin Nitschke.

French Dimitri Vivier beat Marcin by 3 Frames to 2 but lost facing Mark Walsh by the same score

Tremendous atmosphere at Malta’s venue, lots of fans and Ireland’s player got the 1st blood: 1-0. What happened next, none could imagine. Marcin potted 4 straight blacks without reply – and spectacular the last 2 of them – to win by 4 Frames to 1 and get the ticket for the knock-out stage, who’s matches will start on Thursday morning at the St. Paul’s Bay Dolmen Hotel.

Among the audience of the drama at Table 3, two quite familiar faces: U21 champion and runner-up

Nitschke will face the aged 14 Moldavian bronze medalist in the U18 championships, Vladislav Gradinari in Last 72 best of 7 round, on Table 5, starting 10 a.m.

Next for Marcin Nitschke… Moldavian rising star Vladislav Gradinari, 3rd at the U18 competition and U16 runner-up in 2022