Surprise birthday party for Mr. Monette

This Thursday afternoon Belgium’s Frank Monette could not believe when he got to the Referees Room aside St. Paul’s Bay 2023 EBSA European Snooker Championships venue: their friends prepared him a surprise party on the day of his 54th birthday.

‘Hanco’ slicing the cake: he did not expected that one

The now 54 aged ‘Hanco’, as the close friends and referees community call him, just came from a match and had to slice the chocolate cake for everybody. Born in Sint-Truiden, Belgium’s referee lives in Stevoort with his for more than 30 years wife Petra.

Minutes before the surprise party, Hanco has doing his job, far from knowing what was about to come

«I can not complain about life, has been good to me. I’m fortunate to have close friends like this ones and a family that I love and who loves me back or even more», told us the proud father of «two now grown-up princesses», Iris and Rani. By the way: he loves to play snooker and his best break is 48.