Teams quarterfinals on the run

The quarterfinals of the 3 2021 EBSA European Snooker Championships Teams Events (Men, Seniors and Women) are being played this Saturday afternoon at Albufeira’s VidaMar Hotel Resort Algarve.

Belgian Julien Leclercq, the man with more matches played in the 2021 Championships, including U18 and U21 finals

The winners of this next round of the knockout stage will play the semis on Sunday morning at 10 a.m. on the 3 last of 9 events to be completed since October 2nd in Salgados.

Team Germany always with a smile before the green cloth battle

Men and Seniors Teams event knockout stage is being played best of 7 frames and Women Teams one is being played best of 5 frames this Saturday.

Ivan Kakovskii and Andrei Karasov: Team Russia in Men beat Portugal in the black ball of the decider in Last 14 round

The referees for the 3 events are already picked up: Bosnian Almedin Hodzic will be at Men’s Teams event, assisted by Serbian Vladan Ciric.

Portugal’s referees André Santos and Miguel Santos: the first one will referee Seniors Team event final, on Sunday

Portugal’s André Santos will referee the Sunday Seniors Teams event final, assisted by his fellow countrywoman Filipa Lourenço.

Portugal’s Diogo Badalo and Henrique Correia fight hard against Russia in one of the most tense matches at Salgados

Bulgarian Tsvetilina Minkova and her fellow countryman Hristo Ivanov are the referees designated for the Women Teams final, also to be played at VidaMar Resort Hotel Algarve on Sunday, starting at 2 p.m.

Poland’s Daniel Holoyda and Marcin Nitschke

In Men Teams event still seven nations dream about getting the crown: France, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Belgium, Malta and two teams from Wales – they are facing each other in quarterfinalis, which mean Welshman will be in the semis, just needing to know if it will be Elfed Evans/Darren Morgan or Dylan Emery/Ben Fortey.

The referee Erich Pliessnig helps Israel’s David Vaitzman and Shachar Ruberg with chalk in the tip during the warm-up

In Women Teams event, England and Russia got to Last 8 with two pairs each, but Poland, Belgium, Germany and Sweden are still aiming. In Seniors Teams event also England and Ireland manage to get two pairs in ‘quarters’, but Northern Ireland, Malta, Iceland and Scotland are still on the run to lift the trophy.