The priceless help for snooker goods and assistance

Every color and kind of chalk, cue cleaner tissues and even a cleaning balls machine, tips for the cues, complete sets of balls or brand new cloths. After all, tables, cues and tips demands maintenance and assistance without short notive.

Specific chalks just for snooker and other cue sports: pick up your color and format, you have them all there to chose

All the players and fans coming to Albufeira’s VidaMar Hotel Resort Algarve to compete or simply watch the matches at the 2021 EBSA European Snooker Championships can find at Pascal Meubis and Inge Vermeulen stand, in the venue’s 3rd floor.

Don’t try to boil eggs on it: this machine cleans the complete set of balls in one turn

And the best part of it is that the famous Belgian and EBSA table-fitters masters is that all the goods are green and natural, friends of the environment: they’re all probiotics.

Any resemblance with a cooking machine is not a coincidence: the washing and cleaning balls machine

Real lifeguards for any emergency the players might have during the competition that started October 2nd and will go on until the 17th at Salgados, still with six more 2021 European crowns to deliver in Men/Mixed, Seniors and Teams events.

Sets of balls available for the fans and players to buy and take back home

Specific chalk for snooker, in every size and format, havebeen a blockbuster, like the sets of snooker balls. Even to replace the cloth in an emergency, Pascal and Inge are ready to provide all the assistance to a sport they love too: Inge is going to play in the Women event.

For the youngsters or the ones starting the technique and the sport, the three-balls set for practice – one of them with a hole in the middle, in order to hold steady and properly the cue – also very useful.

The EBSA 3 balls set for the learning process: the hole in the middle to hold the cue is

«We are here to help with pleasure. Every day there’s a player who’s cue tip come off and needs assistance. Or another who wants to try a different chalk, for a change. They have been appreciating us being here. I’m glad that we can help and be useful. And the new line of cleaning products is having a positive reaction from the players too», told us Pascal Meubis.