U21 championship final underway

Scotland’s Liam Graham faces Ukraine’s Iulian Boiko at the best of 9 Frames Grand Final match of the U21 championships is underway this Sunday night at St. Paul’s Bay Dolmen Hotel.

Scotland’s Liam Graham and Ukraine’s Iulian Boiko: the best of 9 Frames U21 final gets all the attention

The U21 Grand Final has Lithuanian Egidijus Dudenas as referee and Poland’s Anna Hodun as marker and the winner will succeed Belgium’s Ben Mertens as the new european crown in the cathegory.

Lithuanian Egidijus Dudenas referees the U21 final, assisted by Poland’s Anna Hodun as marker

This will be the 3rd champion celebrated in Malta, after Scotland’s Jake Borwick claimed victory in the U16 and Hungary’s Bulcsú Révész U18 triumph.

Anna Hodun and Egidijus Dudenas: also a day to remember for the marker and the referee