U21 semifinal 1 underway

The best of 7 Frames 1st semifinal match of the U21championships is underway this Sunday morning at St Paul’s Bay Dolmen Hotel, with Scotland’s Liam Graham facing England’s Ryan Davies.

Scotland’s Liam Graham and England’s Ryan Davies qith Moldova’s referee Natalia Gradinari: U21 1st semi

The referee is Moldova’s Class 2 Natalia Gradinari.

Liam Graham: Scotland already claimed the U16 championship in Malta and he is 2 steps from glory…

The 2nd semifinal is scheduled to start at 2 p.m. between Ukraine’s Iulian Boiko and Northern Ireland’s Robbie McGuigan. Poland’s Maciej Grzegorz Lesiak will referee the final.

England’s Ryan Davies in action already on U21 1st semi, underway now at Dolmen’s Hotel

The best of 9 Grames U21 championships Grand Final match will start thie Marth 12th at 6 p.m. also at Table 3 of the 16 settled at Dolmen’s Hotel venue, in Malta.

Malta’s Aaron Busuttil paying attention to U21 1st semi

Last but not least, Men’s event best of 5 Frames round-robin matches started this March 12th at St. Paul’s Bay: 177 competitors fight to succeed Estonian Andres Petrov as european champion.

Referee Miguel Santos had a hand from the aged 9 Igor Nietschke in the match between his father and Frenchman Dimitri Vivier

The U21 champion will succeed Belgium’s Ben Mertens as the new european king this cathegory and, most important, will be nominated by EBSA to World Snooker in order to be invited to play on the tour for 2 years and become professional.

Germany’s Umut Dikme at rhe best of 5 Frames Men’s competition round-robin matches: he was 3rd in 2022