Become an EBSA coach

Training Course to become an EBSA Coach

Become a EBSA CoachThe European Billiards & Snooker Association Coaching Academy was set up to qualify a network of highly qualified snookers coaches throughout Europe.

This will give you an insight into how EBSA train the coaches. It will also give the NGB’s Information to achieve a professional coaching structure within their own country.

The EBSA hopes that a Coaching Academy will be set up in each of the European member countries which will help to spread the awareness and availability of coaching which in turn, will promote interest and participation in each country.

This will go a long way towards cementing snooker’s future in Europe. The EBSA Coaching Academy will aim to offer each country a consistency of high class coach training and this accreditation to the EBSA Academy will prove to be something that all coaches will be proud to have achieved.

To apply to attend an EBSA Coaching Course each Coach must ask their own National Governing Body to write to the EBSA nominating them to attend a course to train to become an EBSA Coach. Only NGB’s nominated coaches can attend the courses. EBSA Head of Coaching PJ Nolan will help guide you through the course and I am sure you will enjoy the journey of becoming an accredited EBSA Coach.

PJ is a very experienced snooker coach who has coached all around the world and not alone in his EBSA role but also in is the Irish National Coach and World Snooker WPBSA Coach roles.

There are a number of aims we would to achieve during the EBSA training course:

  • Give you the tools and techniques required to become a snooker coach accredited to an EBSA standard
  • If you are an existing coach, adding to any existing tools and techniques to allow you to efficiently train players to an EBSA accredited standard
  • Each country applicant will be trained to National Level accreditation
  • Help you develop a training program struture for players of all levels
  • Give you the means to be able to form a Coaching Academy incorporating within your own country (if required)
  • All who make the effort to attempt this course will hopefully form the nucleus of the EBSA Coaching Academy – pioneers so to speak

Once you have successfully completed the course, which will include some intensive training, you will be offered the opportunity to become an EBSA accredited coach. Some of you may be experienced coaches already. During the EBSA course it is hoped we will learn from each other, knitting together our ideas and methods so that we end up as a team of coaches, rather than a group of individuals.

Our overall goal should be to offer the same coaching from Iceland to Italy, from Holland to Hungary. A snooker player should be able to move from one side of Europe to the other and still expect a level of continuity in his/her development. In an attempt to ensure this we will introduce a form of ongoing assessment for all EBSA coaches. Probation periods and two year membership will be introduced and there will be a facility to withdraw EBSA accreditation if guidelines are not being followed.

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