Welcome to the Referees section.

This section contains a variety of information and range of resources for anyone interested in refereeing and for current referees and referee examiners and tutors. You will also find a full downloadable version of the current and official rules of snooker and billiards.

EBSA Board have devolved organisation and administration of Referees matters and affairs to the EBSA Referees Subcommittee, who also have responsibility for maintaining the EBSA Referees Scheme (link to referees scheme) and maintenance of the official list of registered EBSA Referees.

The EBSA Referees Subcommittee membership is reviewed every three years to ensure that a broad range of members are represented.

At present the Referees Subcommittee membership includes:

  • Simon Smith (Examiner, England) 
  • Vadim Krivda (Tutor, Russia)
  • Wiktoria Jedruszek (Poland) 
  • Eva Poskocilova (Examiner – Czech Republic) 

  • Glen Sullivan-Bissett (Examiner – England) 
  • Ingo Schmidt (Tutor, Germany)
  • Laszlo Bekk (Class 1, Hungary)

If you have any questions about refereeing or wish to find out more information about becoming a qualified referee, Please contact Simon Smith : 

Referees Scheme Page

This section contains information about the EBSA Referees Scheme.

The purpose of the EBSA Referees Scheme is to standardise the training and certification of referees across Europe by setting out minimum expectations and standards for refereeing for all EBSA member countries.

All EBSA countries are encouraged to promote and develop referees, and many member countries have examiners and tutors who are can deliver refereeing seminars and to conduct examinations. In countries where there are no examiners available or present, EBSA Referees Subcommittee will ensure that seminars and examinations can be conducted.

Any candidate who attends an official seminar and is successful at examination with an EBSA Examiner is permitted to become a Class 3 Referee, under the EBSA Referees Scheme. Referee Membership runs for a period of two-years and is renewable via Referee’s own national governing body.

If you wish to find out more information about becoming a qualified referee, Please contact Simon Smith here :


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Resources (Page)

This page contains useful links and information.

Referee Supplies

The EBSA Referees Subcommittee keep a stock of gloves, markers, EBSA Ties, etc., for sale to referees. For further details, Please contact Peter Thomas here: 

Examiners and Tutors Resources