Champions still through to Last 16 after a battle with Scotland

Champions still through to Last 16 after a battle with Scotland

European Snooker Men’s defending Champions, maltese Alex Borg (pictured) and Duncan Bezzina (Team Malta 1), got their way through for Last 16 of Men’s 2015 European event by beating Team Scotland 1 in the decider (4-3), in Last 24 round of the event that tooks place at St. Paul’s Bay.

A great moment of joy in the main arena of the Dolmen Resort Hotel, in Malta, because at the same time Team Malta 4 (Aaron Busuttil/Chris Peplów) also suffered but beat Iceland by the same result (4-3) to go through to Last 16 round.

Alex Borg and Duncan Bezzina will now face Team Wales 1 (Gareth Allen/Duane Jones) in the Last 16 round, to be played Tuesday, like the quarterfinals, best of five frames, by the following order: singles, singles, scotch doubles, singles, singles, scotch doubles, with the team nominating who will play the 9th frame, if necessary.


Malta 4-Iceland, 4-3

Malta 3-Malta 5, 4-2

Finland-Ireland 3, 4-2

Malta 1-Scotland 1, 4-3

Israel 3-Malta 2, 4-0

Germany-Poland 4, 3-4

Poland 5- Israel 1, 1-4

Poland 3-Israel 2, 4-1


–     England (Ryan Causton/Nick Jennings)-Malta 4 (Aaron Busuttil/Chris Peplow);

–     Malta 3 (Tony Drago/Brian Cini)-Wales 2 (Alex Taubman/Sam Thomas);

–     Ireland 1 (Rodney Goggins/Brendan O’Donoghue)- Ireland 3 (Greg Casey/Mark Owens)

–     Malta 1 (Duncan Bezzina/Alex Borg)- Wales 1 (Gareth Allen/Duane Jones);

–     Poland 1 (Kacper Filipiak/Michal Zielinski)-Israel 3 (Maor Shalom/Shay Arama);

–     Poland 4 (Karol Lelek/Pawel Rogoza)-Ireland 2 (Michael Judge/Robert Murphy);

–     Poland 2 (Krzysztof Wróbel/Marcin Nitschke)- Israel 1 (Shachar Ruberg/Roey Fernandez);

– Poland 3 (Mateusz Baranowski/Kamil Zubrzycki)-Scotland 2 (Craig MacGillivray/Paul McPhillips):