EBSA Cue Zone Day 6 with PJ Nolan

The final day of PJ Nolan EBSA Cue Zones were held for players who are playing in the 2023 European Men’s Snooker Championships on Thursday the 16th of March in the Dolmen Hotel in Malta.

The Cue Zones have been organised by The European Billiards & Snooker Association to highlight the EBSA Coaching Academy and promote good coaching all around Europe.

Free Cue Zones

EBSA Head of Coaching PJ Nolan from Ireland was conducting free cue zones each day from 10am – 4pm. Other EBSA Qualified Coaches had also the opportunity to hold their own Cue Zones from 4pm – 6pm each day.

Players in Action Today

PJ worked today with talented players from Ireland, Lithuania, Bosnia, Ukraine, Serbia and Spain on developing good fundamentals in their Approach, Cue Action, Stance and Bridge Hand plus on their Break Building Skills. PJ was very impressed with all the player’s commitment and he really hope they enjoyed the session.

EBSA President

Maxime Cassis EBSA President ‘’ said that the cue zones are a vital part in our development of the sport. We were delighted to have PJ and his team holding cue zones to help our players improve their games from our qualified EBSA Coaches’’

Promotion of the game

EBSA now have 93 Qualified coaches from Ireland, France, Austria Romania, Israel, Bulgaria, Wales, Malta, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Isle of Man, Hungary, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Belarus, Switzerland, Almena, Bosnia, Albania, Macedonia, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Slovenia, Serbia and Moldova on the EBSA coaching team.

Latest Training Aids

During the cue zones this year in Malta, players used the latest coaching and training aids on the market to enhance their sessions like the like the Master Doctor, Str8aim G-5 & SA-2, Chris Henry Balls, Academy laser, EBSA Coaching Balls which help to get the players on the line of aim and develop a smoother stroke in their delivery.

Become a EBSA Coach

If you would like to become an EBSA Official Snooker Coach, first step is to get your National Governing body to write to the EBSA to nominate you to apply to hold or attend a course which will be held in Bulgaria in June at the next European Team & Masters & Ladies Snooker Championships.

For more information on the coaching Click on” Coaching” on web site or email PJ on