Russia1 through Ladies Grand Final

Russia1 through Ladies Grand Final

Team Russia 1 (Daria Sirotina/Anastasia Nechaeva) beat Team Poland (Malgorzata Sikorska/Aleksandra Vojtecka) by 4-0 this Wednesday at the Dolmen Resort Hotel, in Malta, and booked the first place in the Grand Final of the European Ladies Teams Snooker Championships.

Sirotina and Nechaeva still wait for their opponents in the Grand Final of Ladies event, which will start at 14.30 hours. The Grand Final will also be played best of seven frames, with only 10 reds on the table. Russia still dreams about having a second team in the main match, with Team Russia 2 (Irina Gorbataya/Svetlana Kozyreva), still facing Team Germany1 (Diana Stateczny/Jennifer Zehentner) in the other semifinal (best of seven frames) on the other semifinal.

SEMIFINALS (this Wednesday):

Poland (Malgorzata Sikorska/Aleksandra Vojtecka)-Russia 1 (Daria Sirotina/Anastasia Nechaeva), 0-4

Russia2 (Irina Gorbataya/Svetlana Kozyreva)-Germany1 (Diana Stateczny/Jennifer Zehentner), 2-3 (still in progress)

FINAL (this Wednesday, 14.30 hours)

Russia 1 (Daria Sirotina/Anastasia Nechaeva)-Winner of the semifinal Russia2 (Irina Gorbataya/Svetlana Kozyreva)-Germany1 (Diana Stateczny/Jennifer Zehentner)