112 points break for Florian

Austria’s Florian Nüessle performed the third century in the 2022 European Snooker Championships going on until June 19th at the Shengjin’s Delfin Resort with an 112 points break on Frame 2 of the U21 event round-robin match facing Germany’s Marek Stachly in Group G of the competition.

The audience is increasing heavily as the show gets better and better

A match the Austrian star eventually claimed in the end by 3 Frames do 0 and the first ‘three digits’ break at the U21 event.

Scotland’s Liam Graham achieved the first century at 2021 Portugal’s event: none by now in Albania

Aged 20, Florian got the second best break so far at this year’s event in Albania: the 137 break from Scotland’s Steven Wardropper is still the benchmark and Welshman Liam Davis achieved also 101 points break but both in the U18 competition.