2nd final in 6 weeks for Liam Pullen

England’s Liam Pullen claimed a place at the best of 7 Frames U18 final match of the 2023 EBSA European Snooker Championships this Friday claiming victory facing Moldova’s Vladislav Gradinari by 4 Frames to 2 at event’s semifinal 1 played at St. Paul’s Bay Dolmen Hotel.

Moldova’s Gradinari gets a 2nd medal in a row: U16 runner-up in 2022, 3rd place in 2023’s U18 event

Aged 17 Pullen will play his 2nd final in just lesse than 6 weeks ago. He was the runner-up at the WSF Junior Open February 3rd in Australia, where Stan Moody won the decisive clash by 5 Frames to 1. «Búlcsú or Artemijs in the final? I don’t chose, both good players. I’m just upset just because I feel ill», told us England’s star.

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Aged 14 Gradinari assured a 2nd medal in two years in a row: he will get bronze from this year’s U18 event after being the U16 runner-up at EBSA 2022 European Snooker Championships played in Albania.

Semifinal 2 of the U18′ event will start this Friday March 10th at 2 p.m. with Hungary’s Bulcsú Révész facing Latvia’s U16 European 2022 Snooker Champion Artemijs Zizins. Also a huge hope that Bulgaria’s Maksim Kostov, the U16 event runner-up already in Malta, recovers totally from illness, condition that not allowed him to play any of his scheduled three matches at the U18 event. He had to quit, but marked Malta’s event bringing his country until one final and making Bulgaria proud.

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The also best of 7 Frames U18 Grand Final match is scheduled for this Friday starting 8 p.m. Serbian Goran Stevelic is the referee with Bulgaria’s Tsvetilina Minkova as marker.

U16 runner-up, Bulgaria’s Maksim Kostov with his father, Nick: illness stopped him from playing the U18 event