Belgium assures a place on 6 Reds semis even before quarter-finals

Eight players representing 7 countries of the Old Continent – England, Scotland, Ukraine, France, Belgium (with its two competitors facing each other and assuring one place in the semis), Wales and Hungary – survived Last 16 round of 6 Reds European Snooker Championships this Sunday in Albufeira and will battle to be crowned next Monday in the discipline.

Mark Loyd (Eng)-Gary Thomson (Sco), Iulian Boiko (Ukr)-Brian Ochoiski (Fra), Julien Leclercq (Bel)-Dean Leysen (Bel) and Darren Morgan (Wal)-Bulcsú Révész (Hun) are the quarter-finals and next matches to be played at Albufeira’s venue now with attendance limited to 40 spectators due do covid-19 pandemia.

Quarter-finals matches of 6 Reds European Snooker Championships will be played at 10 a.m. Monday best of 7 Frames in Albufeira’s venue.

The semis will be played also best of 7 Frames and will take place at 1 p.m. the same March 16th and the Final from 6 p.m. best of 9 Frames. You can follow all results and updates of the competition on the Live-Scoring/Streaming program.