Ben Mertens U21 european champion!

Belgium’s Ben Mertens is the 2022 European U21 Snooker Champion, succeeding Welshman Dylan Emery winning The Peter Ebdon Trophy.

EBSA Chairman Maxime Cassis, the referees, players and EBSA vice-president Ricardo Salgado: great final!

The U18 european champion in 2021 claimed victory by Frames to 1 facing Austria’s Florian Nüssle at the 2022 EBSA European Snooker Championships final U21 event match at Shengjin’s Delfin Resort this Sunday afternoon. Finland’s Tryggvi Erlingsson was the referee and his wife and fellow countrywoman Satu Isolehto the marker.

Mertens got the title, England’s Aidan Murphy and Liam Pullen 3rd place, Florian Nüssle runner-up

Aged 17, the Belgian gets the nomination from EBSA to World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) so that he might be invited to play on the tour for the next two seasons as professional.

Ben Mertens celebreted in style with all the emotion of an european title

A big audience attended the match at the venue, with Ben’s father, Koun, also very congratuled by everyone after the clear win from his sun and all Belgium celebrating together with their new European champion.

Belgium players with Ben and his father, Koun Mertens: the hapiness spread all over after a great win

England’s Liam Pullen and Aidan Murphy got both the 3rd place with Pullen scoring the higest break of the U21 competition with a formidable 141.

Ben with the 2021 Men’s Teams Champion, big friend and fellow countryman Julien Leclercq: impressive!

«I’m over the Moon! It’s a dream come true. I feel really happy and want to thank the support of all my family and friends here and at home. I hope I can provide some more joy to snooker fans, it has always been my passion», told us the Belgium, aged 17.

Last red in the pocket: victory would not escape anymore and Ben knew it and couldn’t avoid celebrating