Best ones show their power in last 64

Best ones show their power in last 64

Dylan Craig went through easily to last 32 this morning,  by beating belgian Dennis Deroose 3-0 and making his first serious maximum break attempt. The scottish youngster potted nine reds and eight black balls to score 73 and missed a straight black, on his way to 147, but show all his class.

Other top favorites, like 2014 runner-up, irish Josh Boileau, israeli Shachar Ruberg, welsh Callum Lloyd and Scottish Rhys Clark made it to last 32 also easy. Most of the matches are still taking place in this first head to head round (best of five frames) with last 64 in this U21 Euroean Snooker Championships in Malta.

Last 32 will play best of seven frames and will be known by the middle of this Tuesday’s afternoon, and next round will still be played after 17.30 p.m. local time. Next round will still all be played this Tuesday, and only 16 players will keep dreaming succeeding Oliver Lines as European champions for Wednesday, where last 16 (best of seven frames, from 4-0 to possible 4-3), quarterfinals and semis will take place. The grand final is scheduled for Thursday, at 14 hours (13 hours in UK).

The winners of the two matches in last 64 play to be in last 32 as follows:

Rhys Clark (Sco)-Alexandru Statache (Rom), 3-0

Arpat Pulat (Swe)-Kacper Filipiak (Pol),

Lukas Kleckers (Ger)-Patrick Tiihonen (Fin), 3-0

Belan Sharif (Swe)-Tyler Rees (Wal),

Josh Boileau (Irl)-Mikhail Terekhov (Rus), 3-0

Rodion Judin (Lat)-Simon Lindbom (Swe), 3-2

Marvin Losi (Swi)-Barseg Petrosyan (Rus),

Amir Nardeia (Isr)-Adam Stepanów (Pol), 0-3

Luke Garland (Eng)-Richard Wienold (Ger), 3-0

Benjamon McCabe (Swe)-Patrick Maslowski (Pol)

Maor Shalom (Isr)-Adrei Orzan (Rom), 3-0

Filip Bermanec (Cro)-Shachar Ruberg (Isr), 0-3

Kamil Zubrzycki (Pol)-Patrik Sedlak (Svq),

Nicolas Mortreux (Fra)-Callum Lloyd (Wal), 0-3

Simon Lichtenberg (Ger)-Jordan Winbourne (Eng),

Wesley Pelgrims (Bel)-Darryl Hill (Ism),

Louis Heathcote (Eng)-John Farrugia (Mlt),

Aaron Moyles (Irl)-Tim De Ruyter (Hol),

Vilius Schulte (Lit)-Manuel Pomwenger (Aut),

Dominik Scherubl (Aut)-Chris Totten (Sco),

Tom Rees (Wal)-Shaun Deguara (Mlt),

Olli-Pekka Virho (Fin)-Chris Peplow (Mlt),

Florian Nuessle (Aut)-Yannick Tarillon (Fra),

Michal Kotiuk (Pol)-Brian Cini (Mlt),

Dylan Craig (Sco)-Dennis Deroose (Bel), 3-0

Mario Amza (Rom)-Lee Mein (Sco),

Niel Vincent (Fra)-Shane Bates (Irl),

Vladu Mihai (Rom)-Kobe Vanoppen (Bel),

William Lemons (Eng)-Vladislav Kalinovski (Bel),

Stephen Bateman (Irl)-Jeff Jacobs (Bel),

Felix Frede (Ger)-Mateusz Baranowski (Pol),

Ivan Kakovski (Rus)-Jamie Clarke (Wal),