Bodle-Morgan in Masters Final

Bodle-Morgan in Masters Final

Jamie Bodle, from England, and pictured Darren Morgan (Wales) are in the Grand Final of the Masters 2015 European Snooker Championships, after their wins on the semifinals this Friday night, at Prague’s Top Hotel.

Jamie Bodle beat Wayne Brown, also from England, by 5-1, the same score that Morgan got in his match facing Joris Maas (Netherlands).

The Final will be played tomorrow (Saturday), starting 10 a. m., playing best of 11 frames, on a race until six wins. First session will have five frames, but can end sooner if the scores gets to 4-0, with the other required frames being played after a 15 minutes break.


Jamie Bodle (England)-Wayne Brown (England), 5-1

Joris Maas (Netherlands)-Darren Morgan (Wales), 1-5

MASTERS FINAL (Saturday, 10 a. m., best of 11 frames, race to 6):

Jamie Bodle (England)-Darren Morgan (Wales)