Cini to face Heathcote in quarterfinals

Cini to face Heathcote in quarterfinals

Maltese Brian Cini just make it superbly to quarterfinals of U21 European Snooker Championships by beating welsh Tom Rees 4-1 in Last 16 round of matches of the competition, at the Dolmen Resot Hotel, in Malta.

Cini has the best break of the tournament so far (133 points), but this Wednesday morning Scottish Dylan Craig also was supersonic in the table, defeating Romanian Vladu Mihai in less than one hour (4-0) and adding a break of 110 points, his third century in the event.

In quarterfinals, that will take place also this Wednesday (14 hours local time in Malta, 13 hours in the UK), Brian Cini will meet English Louis Heathcote, who smashed scottish Chris Totten (4-0). The matches will be played best of nine frames: wins the first one to get to five wins (from 5-0 to possible 5-4).

Semifinals will also be played this Wednesday, from 18 hours, also best os nine frames, while the big final will take place Thursday, at 14 hours (best os 11 frames)

Last 16 round:

Rhys Clark (Sco)-Lukas Kleckers (Ger), 1-3 (STILL PLAYING)

Rodion Judin (Lat)-Adam Stepanów (Pol), 2-3 (STILL PLAYING)

Patrick Maslowski (Pol)-Shachar Ruberg (Isr), 2-0 (STILL PLAYING)

Kamil Zubrzycki (Pol)- Darryl Hill (Iom), 2-2 (STILL PLAYING)

Louis Heathcote (Eng)-Chris Totten (Sco), 4-0

Tom Rees (Wal)-Brian Cini (Mlt), 1-4

Dylan Craig (Sco)-Vladu Mihai (Rom), 4-0

William Lemons (Eng)-Jamie Clarke (Wal), 3-1 (STILL PLAYING)

Quarterfinals (best of nine frames, starting 14 hours):

Winner of Rhys Clark (Sco)/Lukas Kleckers (Ger)-Winner of Rodion Judin (Lat)/Adam Stepanów (Pol)

Winner of Patrick Maslowski/Shacha Ruberg (Isr)-Winner of Kamil Zubrzycki (Pol)/Darryl Hill (Iom)

Louis Heathcote (Eng)-Brian Cini (Mlt)

Dylan Craig (Sco)-Winner of William Lemons (Eng)/Jamie Clarke (Wal)