COVID-19 sanitary measures

As an update on the situation related to the control of the Covid19 pandemic at the European Snooker Championships to be held in Portugal, I inform you that rapid antigen tests valid for 24 hours will be available to everyone at the hotel.

These tests can be done daily, between 8 and 12 am, performed by a professional and a different bracelet (or other suitable means) will be provided for each test day. The cost of the test will be a maximum of 10,00 € and we are trying to get a lower price.

Athletes, coaches, managers, family members or companions and the public will not be accepted in the different venues of the competition without the corresponding bracelet.

Players, coaches, referees and all holders of a digital vaccination certificate will be given a bracelet valid for the entire event.

Your sincerely,

The President of Federação Portuguesa de Bilhar

Ricardo Salgado