Cue Zone Day 1 with PJ Nolan

The first day the PJ Nolan EBSA Cue Zones was held today on the 18th of February at the 2019 EBSA Under 18 Snooker Championships in the U Magic Palace Hotel Eliat in Israel with players from Moldova, Ireland, Sweden and Israel.

Ireland’s and EBSA Head of Coaching PJ Nolan is conducting free cue zones each morning from 10am – 5pm for the EBSA players who attended this year’s European Championships.

Coaching Booklets

Each player who attends PJ’s Cue Zones this week will receive a Coaching Booklet to help them improve their overall game. This is to help them improve when they return home after the Championships.

EBSA President

Maxime Cassis EBSA President ‘’ said that the cue zones are a vital part in our development of the sport and we are delighted to have PJ holding 6 EBSA cue zones per day and helping our players improve their games from our experienced EBSA Head Coach’’

Players in Action Today

PJ worked with Vladislav Gradinari from Moldova, Omer Rabi from Israel, Ross Bulman, Noel Landers from Ireland and Max Nettleton from Sweden on their Tactical Games, Break Building and Playing Techniques in developing good fundamentals.  All the players really impressed PJ with their commitment and the players said they really enjoyed their lesson with PJ.

Booking a Lesson in the Cue Zone

Any player / country competing in this year’s EBSA Championship in Israel has the opportunity to book a date and time into the EBSA Cue Zone Schedule for their 1hr solo or group lesson with EBSA John Terry who is in the lobby just outside the venue.

Promotion of the game

The Cue Zones have been organised by The European Billiards & Snooker Association to highlight the EBSA Coaching Academy. At present EBSA have 62 Qualified coaches from Ireland, France, Romania, Israel, Bulgaria, Wales, Malta, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, Iceland and Moldova on the coaching team.

Notice for all EBSA Coaches

All current EBSA Coaches will be also able to book the cue zone table for sessions after 5pm daily so they should contact John Terry near the venue to book the date and time into the cue zone schedule.

Up Coming EBSA Course in Israel

The EBSA will also be holding a 3 day EBSA Coaching Course with PJ Nolan from the 24th – 26th February.  Eight coaches from all across Europe who were nominated by their National Governing body to attend this coaching course will begin at 10am on Sunday 24th February. The EBSA would like to wish them all good luck on the course.

Become a EBSA Coach

If you would like to become an EBSA Official Snooker Coach, first step is to get your National Governing body to write to the EBSA to nominate you to apply to hold or attend a course.

For more information on the coaching Click on” Coaching” on web site or email PJ on