Dikme and Nüssle join the ‘Century Club’

A magnificent 123 break places the 2022 european championships bronze medal Germany’s Umut Dikme at the top of the best breaks on this year’s Men championships, already at the first day of the round-round best of 5 Frames matches between the 177 competitors.

Florian Nüssle with PJ Nolan: Austria’s star showing his strenght already on day 1 of the Men championships

‘Century Club’ at St. Paul’s Bay Dolmen Hotel has already another VIP guest: Austria’s Florian Nüssle got a superb 120 break and is the 2nd on top. And, just a reminder: he was also bronze at the 2022 Men’s championships, like Dikme… and runner-up at the U21 event, losing do Belgium’s Ben Mertens both matches, the semi at the Men’s championships after the U21 Grand Final.

Joy and bullit proof friendnship among the 2023 championships referees