Downing opens with century

Downing opens with century

England’s Calum Downing had to wait till today to get his championships off to a great start with a superb 103 break during his 4-0 victory over Nikolai Vlashev of Bulgaria in the 4pm session. 

He is now joined in Group M on one win with both Kacper Filipiak from Poland and Sergiy Isayenko of the Ukraine who beat Romania’s Craciun Sorin and Germany’s Felix Frede 4-0 respectively. 

In Group J Gareth Allen had breaks of 67 and 50 in the first two frames of his 4-0 win over Bulgaria’s Mihail Angelov while also in Group J  Markus Pfistermüller finished his epic match against Lasse Petersen 4-2 which ran over from the 1pm session and took nearly three and a half hours to complete. 

Men’s Results
Sascha Lippe 4 : 1 Danni Bismoot
George Louka 3 : 1 Kirill Lomakin
Gareth Allen 4 : 0 Mihail Angelov
Paul Schopf : Sigurour Kristjansson
Zsolt Fenyvesi 2 : 3 Danny Eriksen
Callum Downing 4 : 0 Nikolai Vlashev
Kacper Filipiak 4 : 0 Craciun Sorin
Sergiy Isayenko 4 : 0 Felix Frede