Florian-Ben: Take 2 in Men’s semis!

After having claimed victory by 5 Frames to 1 facing Florian Nüssle in the U21 event final, Belgium’s Ben Mertens is two matches away from a possible double at the 2022 EBSA European Snooker Championships.

If Ben Mertens already has the ticket for the tour, Nüssle is two steps from getting it at Men’s event

Aged 17, Mertens meets again the 20 years old Austrian star and U21 event runner-up but now on the semis of the Men’s event to be played also best of 7 Frames on Friday June 17th at 10 a.m. And Nüssle aims for a different outcome of their 12th June U21 final.

Petrov: Six Reds 2021 european champion, aims now for a european crown and the ticker for the tour

Five days later, ‘Take II’ arrives for Florian battling with Mertens, but now on the main one of the nine events of this championships.

Impressive 4-1 win over WSF Junior Champion Ukraine’s Anton Kazakov in quarterfinals for Umut Dikme

In their quarterfinals matches, this Thursday evening, Florian overcome Poland’s Antoni Kowalski by 4 Frames to 2 and Mertens claimed victory facing England’s Josh Tomond in the decider.

Referees Mateusz Rusin and Werner Nuytkens brushing the tables: happiness at work

On the other Friday semifinal to be played at the simultaneously Friday morning at 10 a.m. at Shengjin’s Delfin Resort, the competitors will be Estonian’s Andres Petrov and Germany’s Umut Dikme.

Finland’s Heikki Niva, 2020 runner-up, is already out of the competition but showed her tremendous skills

Dikme claimed victory in his quarterfinal facing Ukraine’s Anton Kazakov by 4 Frames to 2 while Petrov ended up with Ukraine’s hopes in the event facing their other competitor still in the tournament, Iulian Boiko, by 4 Frames to 1.

Norther Ireland’s referee Seamus Gallagher focused on the reposition of one red where it was befora

The final of Men’s event will be played best of 9 Frames on Friday at 4 p.m.

Iceland’s Alan Trigg disagrees from Germany’s referee Ali Feizollahi about the cue ball previous position

On the other 18 tables of the venue, the first stage of the Teams events – Men, Women and Seniors – will be on the run all day long, also, for the fans to attend and enjoy.

The fans passion has no limits