Grand Final underway

The best of 9 Frames Grand Final match of the 2023 EBSA European Snooker Championships Men’s competition is underway at St. Paul’s Bay Dolmen Hotel with Scotland Ross Muir facing his fellow countryman Michael Collumb this Saturday afternoon.

Michael Collumb, aged 34, comes from Motherwell

The winner of the 415th match of the Men’s competition – 177 competitors were aiming for it, at the start last Sunday March 12th – will succeed Estonian Andres Petrov as European Snooker Champion.

Aged 27, Ross Muir comes from Edimburgh: it’s a ‘All Scottish’ European Snooker Championship Final

Besides the title and the trophy, the European Champion will receive the nomination from EBSA to World Snooker in order to be invited to play on the tour.

Belgium Bart Tournel referees the Grand Final: changing some impressions with Michael Collumb

Belgium’s Bart Tournel is the Grand Final’s referee, assisted by Malta’s Joe Debono as marker.

After U16 champion Jack Worwick and U21 champion Liam Graham, Scotland will claim 3rd gold in Malta

After Jack Borwick’s win at the U16 competition and Liam Graham’s triumph at the U21 tournament – and also getting the nomination from EBSA to World Snooker to play on the tour -, Scotland’s has already assured 3 wins out of 4 competitions in Malta – exception was Hungarian’s Bulcsú Révész glory at the U18 competition.

The aged 27 Ross Muir, from Edimburgh, or the aged 34 Michael Collumb, from Motherwell: one of them wil get this Saturday the european crown.

It will A 4th european title for Scotland: Graham Horne won in 1996, Scott Donaldson in 2012 and Chris Totten in 2017

Since EBSA European Snooker Championships 1st edition, in 1988, it will be the 4th title for Scotland in 35 years. Graham Horne won it in 1996 (8-5 facing Iceland’s Kritján Helgasson at Antwerp’s Grand Final), Scott Donaldson in 2012 at Daugavpils (Latvia, 7-3 facing Ireland’s Brendan O’Donoghue in the decisive clash) and Chris Totten in 2017, in Nicosia (Cyprus) – he prevailed facing Andres Petrov (2022 champion) claiming a victory by 7 Frames to 3.