International Women’s Day celebrated in style

‘Embrace Iguality’ was this year’s United Nations appeal for the all around the world celebrations of the International Women’s Day, celebrated March 8th and a reason of joy especially at the 2023 EBSA European Snooker Championships underway at St. Paul’s Bay Dolmen Hotel: the Ladies are 10 of the 41 championships referees and looked even more glamorous on this day.

Satu Isolehto, Yasemin Bagiran and Natalia Gradinari: Women’s International Day celebrates equality

With only two of them missing, Malta’s Julia Camilleri and Bulgaria’s Aleksandra Shtraklin, the eight Ladies surprised Friday morning the audience at the venue with a singular gathering to celebrate. They we’re entitled to a symbolic gift from Competition Manager Laszlo Bekk: a small jewell’s store box.

The date that celebrates Women’s fight for emancipation joined the referees Malta’s event

Bulgaria’s Tsvetilina Minkova, Poland’s Wiktoria Jedruszek and Anna Hodun, Turkey’s Cemille Asci and Yasemin Bagiran, Hungary’s Viktoria Kovács, Finland’s Satu Isolehto and Moldova’s Natalia Gradinari will be until March 18th helping the players in this 2023 EBSA European Snooker Championships.

7referees did not let this day pass by without the historical Women’s fight for equality be remembered