Men’s final live now

Aged 25, Estonian Andres Petrov faces Belgium’s Ben Mertens, aged 17, at the best of 9 Frames final match of Men’s event already live at the 2022 EBSA European Snooker Championships at Shengjin’s Delfin Resort.

Ben Mertens, André Santos the referee and fellow countryman Vítor Augusto marker, with Andres Petrov

After winning the U21 event June 12th already in Albania, Ben Mertens aims for a never done double between the two events in one single edition of the EBSA Championships – Ireland’s Aaron Hill won two events in Portugal-2020, but U18 and U21.

The perpetual trophy waits for a next name to be registered on it and future owner for the next year

Petrov lost the Men’s event 2017 EBSA European Championships final in Cyprus facing Scotland’s Chris Totten (3-7) and is the reigning Six Reds 2021 European Champion from 2021.

Two young stars that know each other from a long time discuss who suceeds Oliver Brown as champion

The match to find the successor of England’s Oliver Brown as new European king and deliver the 6th and most important title of the nine until June 19th in Albania as Portugal’s André Santos as referee and his fellow countryman Vítor Augusto as marker.

1st to get to 5 frames in the scoreboard becomes 2022 European Snooker Champion

The 3 Teams events – Men, Women and Seniors – continue all day long also simultaneously this Friday June 17th at the remaining 18 venue’s tables in Albania.