Referees approved in flying colours

European Snooker Championships are always an occasion for referees to get approval in exams for a upper class, and the 2023 edition underway until Saturday March 18th at St. Paul’s Bay Dolmen Hotel is not an exception, with several refees climbing one step more on their snooker passion and their careers.

Lithuanian Egidijus Dudenas

That was the case of Veronika Kovácsz. The aged 55 Hungarian referee passed with flying colours her examination for Class 2. Also the aged 50 Lithuanian Egidijus Dudenas got his approval and became a Class 2 ‘ref’.

Sacha Gauci: Malta’s referee got approval for Class 2 already here in St. Paul’s Bay

The aged 32 Malta’s referee Sacha Gauci was approved for Class 2 in his examination, done by the Poland’s Head Referee Kazimierz Olejniczak.

Ireland’s Neil Shanahan with Championships Head Referee, Poland’s Kazimierz Olejniczak: he did all the exams.