Roman Conquers First Italian Championship

From September 24th to 27th, the city of Milan hosted the first ever National Snooker Championship. The event took place alongside the 5 pins World Championship and the Longoni Pool Cup, under the aegis of, the National Billiards Association that snooker joined last year for the first time developing three Regional Championships in the cities of Milan, Verona and Rome. The best players form the Regional Championships took part in the historic national competition, battling each other in a top 16 elimination draw that saw Gianmarco “Mitraglia” Tonini  and Pietro Caperna emerge from the bunch for an entertaining final.

The finalists chased each other through the whole match, but it was “Kapernator” to finally compile a 52 break in the tenth frame that handed him the title by 6-4, avoiding a fascinating yet very dangerous decider. Tonini, which is only 21, found solace in a wonderful performance and in the Best Break trophy for a 78 made in the quarter finals.  In the year to come, the Championships will get from 3 to 7, as many more fanatics joining the Association are falling in love with the game, allowing Italian Snooker to hope for a bright future.