Russia showing big progress in junior events

Russia showing big progress in junior events

The Saint Petersburg 16 years old Ivan Kakovski [pictured here with mother Elena kissing him] got to the quarterfinals in the 2016 EBSA U18 European Snooker Championships and highlighted Russia’s improvement in the sport.

This smiling Ronnie O’Sullivan’s fan also got to the Last 32 in U21 event and hopes his results can lead to more and more Russians playing snooker. He dreams about becoming a professional one day.

Mikhail Therekov had also an impressive performance in Wroclaw achieving Last 32 in the U18 event and Last 48 in the U21 events. A nice show for someone who hopes also to get to the main tour.

«I expected more but for that I will have to practice more and attend more big events like these European Champions» Therekov said.