Seamus Gallagher referees the U16 event final

Northern Ireland’s Class 2 referee Seamus Gallagher has been honored to be in this Wednesday best of five frames U18 Grand Final match of the 2023 EBSA European Snooker Championships.

Focus from Poland’s referee Anna Hodun in all the players action

The aged 52 Northern Ireland’s referee will be assisted by Hungarian Class 3 referee Veronika Kovacs as a marker in the 6 p.m. U16 Grand Final to be played by Scotland’s Jack Borwick and Bulgaria’s Maksim Kostov.

Aaron Smith, Ireland’s ‘Nugget’, waiting for his own time to visit the table

Borwick and Kostov are already warming up this Wednesday morning, firing all cilindres also at the best of five frames matches at the round-robin stage of the U18 event also on the run at St. Paul’s Bay Dolmen Hotel.

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The U18 competition continues with the 2nd day of the U18 best of five frames round-robin matches at the 17 tables settled at Malta’s event simultaneously with the closure of the U16 event this day.