Shachar Ruberg tops his group as he flies the Israeli Flag in Eilat

The EBSA European 6 Reds Champion Shachar Ruberg has shown incredible control coming into these European Championships in Eilat with a lot of Israeli hopes pinned on his back and so far the player has been foot perfect, topping his group and looking forward to the knockout stages.
It wasn’t plain sailing coming into the event for Ruberg who said “I lost out in the Israeli Championships and I wasn’t in a good place, I couldn’t pot a ball, but since I have started to play here in Eilat I have clicked through the gears and I feel like I am playing well. I am looking forward to the knockouts where anything can happen and I feel good”
In relation to the hosting of the event by the ISPA Ruberg is very complimentary of the ISPA Chairman Sharon Mizrahi, Ruberg added “Sharon is very forward thinking and they have done an excellent job preparing and running the tournament with the EBSA. Sharon and the organising committee along with the hotel management have put together a fantastic venue and for sport, Eilat is a great place and everyone I have spoken to agree that the venue and the tournament is superb”

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