She said yes

Israel’s Sofia Rogal is one of the 24 competitors at the Ladies 2022 European Snooker Championships event at Shengjin’s Delfin Resort and even after losing her fist round-robin stage in Group B by 2 Frames do 0 facing Poland’s Izabela Lacka she was feeling the happiest person in the world.

Israeli’s player marriage will be in September

The engagement ring and shining stone in her hand solved the mystery: the 35 years old Israeli was asked for marriage on Thursday by her boyfriend and said yes just before getting themselves into the plane heading Albania.

Sofia playing with the brand new and shining engagement ring

Professional photographer, bride to be Sofia already scheduled the big day for September. The ring shines when she’s at the table and opened even more her smile, increasing confidence for a good performance in the matches to come at this year’s championships.

Izabela Lacka won the match facing Sofia Rogal by 2 Frames to 0