The only one allowed to write on the cloth

A lot of invisible men and women work around the clock during this 2020 European Snooker Championships in Albufeira so that the players have the perfect conditions to do what they know best.

That’s the case of Inge Vermeulen along with Pascal Meubis. The Belgian table-fitters are true artist preparing the plateau for the artists and every morning after players practice sessions from 7 to 9 a.m. this team checks the conditions in every one of the 16 tables at the venue of Salgados Palace Hotel before tournament matches starts.

Inge is the only one entitled to write on the cloth: every day she remarks the spots and checks all tables just in case something needs to be replaced or taken care of.  U21 tournament first semi-final and 6 Reds round-robin matches are on the run.

You can follow all results and updates of the U21 competition on the Live-Scoring/Streaming program.