The WPBSA Q Tour Playoff Series starts here in Sarajevo on Wednesday the 12th of March.

Duane Jones will play in Sarajevo looking for a way back to the WST

With three Professional Tour Cards up for grabs it really is a fantastic opportunity provided by the WPBSA in a really exciting format.

24 Players are divided up into three groups of eight players, with quarter finals, semi final’s and three very important finals.

All the Quarter Finals will be played on Wednesday the 13th of March, the Semi Finals will be played on Thursday 14th of March and the three Finals which will be Best of 19 Frames on Friday the 15th of March.

Here are the groups:

WPBSA Q Tour Playoff Group 1

QF- Liam Davis v Peter Devlin

QF- Hamim- Hussain v Rory McLeod

QF- Duane Jones v Vito Puoplo

QF- Florian Nuessle v Craig Steadman

WPBSA Q Tour Playoff Group 2

QF- Peter Lines v Tyler Rees

QF- Chris Totten v Julian Boiko

QF- Barry Pinches v Peter Hallworth

QF- Amir Sarkhosh v Harvey Chandler

WPBSA Q Tour Playoff Group 3

QF- Umut Dikme v Ryan Davis

QF- Mohamed Shehab v Daniel Womersley

QF- Alfie Davies v Yu Kiu Chang

QF- H. Khalid Alsultani v Antoni Kowalski