‘Ton’ at the start also for Chandler, Herout and Révész

2018 snooker european Harvey Chandler but also the Czech Republic star Ales Herout and the U18 european champion Bulcsú Révész are the three new members of the ‘Century Club’ at Men’s championships underway at St. Paul’s Bay Dolmen hotel, after performing superb breaks on this Monday March 13th at the best of 5 Frames round-robin’s matches.

Harvey Chandler: the 2018 champion is back… for more

After claiming victory in 2018 championships beating Northern Ireland’s Jordan Brown for 7 Frames to 2 to get the nomination from EBSA to World Snooker to play on the tour, England’s Chandler is back and in style: he started with a 109 break this Monday, joining Germany’s Umut Dikme, Austria’s Florian Nüssle and Ireland’s Ross Bulman as the 4th competitor to sign a ‘three digits’ break.

Ales Herout: the Czech is in top shape and soon starts to show it to the fans in Malta, with a ‘ton’

Later on this Monday afternoon, also Ales Herout seduced the fans with a 104 break, and the Hungarian Búlcsú Révész has showned he is not pleased with the U18 european crown already in Malta: a 100 break just to show he wants to leave St. Paul’s Bay with another one on his belt.

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