U18 final underway

The best of 7 Frames Grand Final match of the U18 event at the 2023 EBSA European Snooker Championships is underway this Friday night March 10th at Table 3 at St. Paul’s Bay Dolmen Hotel with England’s Liam Pullen facing Hungarian Bulcsú Révész.

England’s Liam Pullen beat Vladislav Gradinari on the semis, played also this Friday

The race to find Welshman’s Liam Davies as european king of the U18 cathegory is close to the end: is the 2nd of 4 events to end at the 16 tables settled at Malta’s venue for this year’s edition of the championships.

Bulcsú Révész prevailed in the semis decider facing Latvia’s Artemijs Zizins, U16 european 2022 champion

In the semis Liam Pullen claimed victory by 4 Frames to 2 facing Moldova’s Vladislav Gradinari while Bulcsú Révész overcame Latvia’s Artemijs Zizins on a dramatic decider.

Referee Goran Stevelic and marker Tsvetilina Minkova with the two Grand Final gladiators

The referee of the final is Serbian Goran Stevelic and Bulgarian Tsvetilina Minkova is the marker.

Tournament manager Laszlo Bekk during the presentation of the ceremony

After Scotland’s Jack Borwick claimed the U16 european title, a 2nd european king is about to be crowned in Malta, while the best of 5 Frames round-robin U21 matches are also underway at the remaining tables settled at the venue.

Ireland’s Aaron Smith and fellow countryman. at the table aside… but also enthusiastic with the U18 final