U18 quarters underway

The best of 7 Frames quarterfinals matches of the U18 event at the 2023 EBSA European Snooker Champmionships are underway this Thursday night at St. Paul’s Bay Dolmen Hotel.

England’s Oliver Sykes

England still can dream with a final do be played also best of 7 Frames next Friday March 10th starting 7 p.m. between their two competitors in this race: Oliver Sykes and Liam Pullen can only meet at the Grand Final. Pullen is facing the 2023 EBSA U16 european snooker champion Jake Borwick (Scotland), and the winner os this match will face at the semis the winner of the clash between Moldova’s Vladislav Gradinari and Northern Ireland’s Joel Connolly.

Northern Ireland’s Joel Connolly faces Moldova’s Vladislav Gradinari at the U18 quarters this Thursday

Opposite situation to Latvia, also with two gladiators still in the U18 race but knowing only one of them will be on the final because in case both win this night they face each other at Friday’s also best of 7 Frames semifinals matches, to be played from 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Artemijs Zizins, the 2022 EBSA european U16 champion battles in quarters with Oliver Sykes, while Filip Kalnins faces Hungary’s Bulcsú Révész.

England’s Liam Pullen is facing Scotland’s Jack Borwick this Thursday night at the U18 event quarterfinals

At the 16 tables settled at the Dolmen Hotel the fans are also following the best of 5 frames round-robin matches at the U21 event.

This year’s U16 European Champion, Scotland’s Jack Borwick, faces Liam Pullen tonight at U18 quarters