U18 round-robin matches underway

A total of 79 competitors trying to succeed Belgian’s Ben Mertens as European U18 Snooker Champion started the U18 best of five frames round-robin matches this Tuesday morning at St. Paul’s Bay Dolmen Hotel.

Balcan friends: Servian Goran Stevelic and Bosnia’s Almedin Hodzic, classic referees

Particular attention from the locals on the performance of the youngster Adam Pace, aged only 8 years, who started the U18 event facing the 2022 U16 European Champion, Latvia’s Artemijs Zizins.

Action increasing with two events on the run at the Dolmen Hotel, the U16 and the U18 competition

The U18 event matches at this 2023 EBSA European Snooker Championships on the run until March 19th in Malta will be playd best of five frames untill Last 16 round. Quarterfinals, semis and the final are going to be played best of seven frames at the 17 tables settled at the Dolmen Hotel.