Wendy certainly is the one to beat here in Belgrade as she goes for her Seventh Consecutive European Title

Get on Google, ask Siri or check any search data-base and ask which sports person on the Continent of Europe is going to try and win 7 consecutive titles in a row and you will get only one answer and incredibly that is Belgian Superstar Wendy Jens.

Wendy has 12 European Snooker Tiles and is going for 7 in a row, she has 15 Belgian Tiles, 7 IBSF World Titles, 3 Continental Tiles, a Scottish Open Tile, 2 European Team Titles and a WLBSA World Doubles Title too.

She has just arrived in Belgrade three days ago and already has played three singles matches without dropping a frame and competed yesterday in the Men’s Doubles event.

Wendy has told the EBSA that she will travel to Thailand in an interview on EBSA Facebook which is great news indeed for European Snooker.

There is no doubt but she is the Woman to beat here in Belgrade.

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