Women took over the gloves

Year after year, the passion for snooker spreads among women. The result is the number of Women that embrace the career to become referees is increasing heavily, with 9 in the 38 selected to referee at the 2020 European Snooker Championships in Albufeira. A number that has it’s own significance enlarged in the International Women’s Day celebrated this Sunday.

Anastasia Punko, Tatsiana Prud and Natalya Tatatynova brought Belarus charm to southern Europe. A trio coming from another country in Eastern Europe, Poland, and is composed by Sara Kwiecinska, Agnieszka Berecka, Wiktoria Jedruszek also gives more class to the game.

Satu Isolehto arrived from Finland also aiming to conquer her space in the game, earning the respect of all the players with quality refereeing, with Bulgarian Tsvetelina Minkova and North Macedonia’s Ana Srbinovska. High heels bring more class to the venue and are a most welcome breathe of fresh air. They’ve come to stay.