Guidelines for EBSA Cue Zones

The European Billiards & Snooker Association have just announced details for future EBSA Cue Zones at European Championships with Guidelines for all our EBSA Coaches.

Any current EBSA Coach can book a 1hr cue zone session in the tournament office at any EBSA Championships. A booking sheet will be available from the first day of each championships.

All EBSA Coaches must wear their EBSA Polo Shirt. Every EBSA Coach must write a report and take photos of their Cue Zone and email it to EBSA web site after the cue zone.

Each Coach must be at his table 10min before the start time of his Cue Zone. Any player may book a maximum of one cue zone session per Championship with an EBSA Coach.

The Cue Zones can be free or the Coach can charge a small fee but this must be arranged and be advertised before he holds the cue zone. The EBSA Coach must report any problems to the EBSA Tournament Office after his Cue Zone.

The EBSA Coach must brush and cover the table plus return the balls to the tournament office after his cue zone.

Thanking you

PJ Nolan

EBSA Head of Coaching