Aleksandra on the footsteps of fellow countrywomen as a ref

A brand new face among the class is at the Dolmen’s Hotel refereeing matches at the EBSA 2023 European Snooker Championships on the run until March 18th at St. Paul’s Bay and started in style this first day of the U16 event, doing her job and helping the players in several matches of the round-robin stage of the competition.

Aleksandra focused in the match: a brand new world for the new bulgarian Class 3 referee

Like her fellow countrywomen Desislava Bozhilova and Proletina Velichkova, Aleksandra Shtraklin comes from Bulgaria and promises to stay for long, aiming high on the job.

Attention to all the details in Aleksandra’s ‘premiére’ at the European Snooker Championships

The aged 23 from eastern Europe conciliates her passion for snooker with the academic life. She is attending other of her life’s passion, Medecin, at university.

Bulgarian Ladies ref ‘school’ continues: Aleksandra follows the footsteps of Tsvetilina Minkova

Two noble and humble tasks get together in a single human being oversmashed by the welcome and the magic atmosphere that the EBSA European Snooker Championships always provide to the newcomers who joing this big family of snooker passionates.

Referees are the ones who don’t have a seat during their matches: always on their feet during the action

For this 2023 EBSA European Snooker Championships in Malta, Aleksandra has fellow countrywoman Tsvetilina Minkova plus 37 more ‘refs’ to help her out getting confortable managins the matches. And her eyes shine like a child who got the most wanted present for Christimas. Such a priceless feeling to enjoy.